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How to prolong the service time of oil cylinder

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  How to prolong the service time of oil cylinder? There are several points in the maintenance of hydraulic cylinder system

  1. Keep the hydraulic oil clean. Dirt in the oil can damage parts of the system.

  2. Maintain the amount of hydraulic oil. If there is less oil, air will enter and the system will not operate normally.

  3. Pay attention to observe the oil cylinder for oil leakage. The oil leakage indicates that the seal is broken. If it is not replaced in time, it will not only cost the oil, but also reduce the output. If it is serious, it will not work.

  4. Familiarize yourself with the sound of the system. Normal and faulty sounds are different. If you hear abnormal sound, you will know that there is something wrong. Remove it in time, so as not to turn small problems into big damage and cause big losses.

  5. Pay attention to check whether the fastener is loose. To maintain its effective tight state. The use of hydraulic cylinder is very common, is widely used in mechanical equipment. When the O-ring of the oil cylinder is worn, the clearance between the rod cavity and the non rod cavity of the oil cylinder increases, which is equivalent to cutting off the oil return circuit of the rod cavity of the oil cylinder. In practice, because of the gap between the two cavities of the cylinder, the pressure oil in the cylinder cavity tends to flow from the high pressure area to the low pressure area. Once the flow occurs, the piston loses its balance and moves to the rod cavity to find a new balance point. So reciprocating, the piston has been moving to an external force to stop. The above phenomenon has a great impact on the operation of the hydraulic system. After replacing the "O" ring of the cylinder piston, the unstable operation of the cylinder can be completely improved. At the same time, it can greatly extend the service life of the oil cylinder.

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