Normal model of alpha series sleeve hydraulic cylinder

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Normal model of alpha series sleeve hydraulic cylinder

FC series of sleeve type front hydraulic cylinder

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  The front hydraulic cylinder is the leading product developed by the company based on the experience of similar products at home and abroad. Its structure is more reasonable, product quality is stable and reliable, there are double dumpling shaft, earring shaft, double earrings and other connection ways, the stroke is 3000-9000.

  1.Cylinder label description



  2.Common models of oil cylinder

Product codeHydraulic cylinder modelFrontal pressure(Mpa )lifting capacity(T)Weight of hydraulic cylinder(kg)volume(L)
0168 68175TG-FC240×9030ZZ2295-128762275
0168 15225TG-FC240×8130ZZ2294-126714246
0168 15455TG-FC214×9030ZZ2278-116610226
0168 15375TG-FC214×8130ZZ2278-114593203
0168 15355TG-FC214×7400ZZ2277-112586186
0168 14685TG-FC196×7300ZZ2261-82452147
0168 14725TG-FC196×6500ZZ2263-101426134
0168 14815TG-FC196×6350ZZ2263-101408128
0168 14964TG-FC196×6100ZZ2282-107427136
0168 14484TG-FC196×5820ZZ2284-106414132
0168 14354TG-FC196×5580ZZ2285-108398126
0168 13974TG-FC172×5390ZZ2262 10136792
0168 13934TG-FC172×5110ZZ2261-9835388
0168 13864TG-FC172×4630ZZ2265-10333280
0168 13794TG-FC172×4310ZZ2267-10831775
0168 13673TG-FC150×4650ZZ2245-7429860
0168 13583TG-FC150×4230ZZ2265-8230862
0168 10525TG-FC196×7300EZ2261-82452147
0168 10674TG-FC172×5390EZ2262-10136792
0168 10834TG-FC172×4630EZ2265-10333280
0168 10703TG-FC172×4210EZ2286-10523582
0168 11263TG-FC150×450OZZ2271-10321762
0168 11733TG-FC150×4050EZ2268-9820256
0168 11983TG-FC150×3840EZ2264-8219057
0168 11803TG-FC137×3840EZ2253-6715448


  3.Oil cylinder model description


  1: It is made of high precision and high performance customized steel pipe,
which has higher strength, higher system pressure and more safety, and can meet
the continuous and stable work under various adverse conditions.

  2: The optimized cylinder bore design makes the lifting capacity larger,
the efficiency higher and the lifting speed faster.

  3: Lightweight design, lighter weight.

  4: The oil cylinder adopts innovative double sealing technology and
imported sealing materials, which can adapt to the temperature range of - 60 ~
110 ℃. The double sealing structure design can ensure the stable use under
various working conditions.

  5: With the separation of limit and guide and flexible guide technology,
the stability and reliability of cylinder operation are higher, and the service
life is longer.

  6: The optimized system design meets the requirements of high frequency
continuous lifting.



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