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DALLAST is a dual acting hydraulic cylinder supplier based on design, development and manufacturing. Its products focus on dual acting hydraulic cylinder for dump trucks; hydraulic systems for mining; dual acting hydraulic cylinder for marine vessels; dual acting hydraulic cylinder for metallurgical industry and Single Acting Ram for agricultural machinery.

The material adopts large steel plants, high tensile strength, high yield strength, and quenched and tempered seamless steel tube; during the production process, we strive for excellence in certain parts of the process to ensure high cylinder concentricity and stable product quality; All are finely polished, with mature processing technology and permanent wear resistance.

DALLAST provides non-standard customization to meet the special customization needs of different performances of hydraulic cylinders in various industries.

How does the control the quality?

1)During processing, the operating machine worker inspect the each sizes by themselves.

2)After finished the first whole part, will show to QA for full inspection.

3)Before shipment, the QA will inspect according to ISO sampling inspection standard for mass production. Will do 100% full checking for small QTY.

4) when shipping the goods, we will attached the inspection report with the parts.

Why choose US?

1.We have a complete supplier, raw materials can provide proof of material, flaw detection report and metallographic analysis report

2.Strict confidentiality for customers

3.Have a strong product development capabilities !

4.We have Long-term cooperation forwarders to ensure the quick and safe shipment,avoid goods delay and extra cost. 

5.Solve problems for customers in time

6.Good Payment terms and Reasonable price

7.Excellent after-sales service and feedback

8.Potential problems in product handling

9.DALLAST provides hydraulic system operation and maintenance manuals and guidance

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