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Outrigger Cylinder

Outrigger Hydraulic Cylinder for Crane

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Product Description

Mobile cranes usually use four outrigger hydraulic cylinder when working. It is very important to provide the greatest possible stability. The outrigger hydraulic cylinder  must be designed to withstand high loads and shear forces. In order to adapt to the application conditions, we use high-strength materials to ensure maximum accuracy. The stability of the cylinder is ensured by a leak-free hydraulic lock installed on the top of the cylinder.

Outrigger Hydraulic Cylinder Advantage

Very reliable anti-leakage characteristics

Beautiful appearance, quality rock

Can be used in harsh working conditions

Low temperature conditions

Outrigger Hydraulic Cylinder Form

Double acting cylinder

Optional low temperature working condition model

The piston rod is made of high-strength materials, and the outer surface is double-plated with hard chrome alloy

Integrated hydraulic control check valve or double check valve

Optional integrated pressure relief valve

Optional integrated pipeline explosion-proof valve

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