Garbage Truck Hydraulic Cylinders

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Garbage Truck Hydraulic Cylinders

Garbage Transfer Station Hydraulic Cylinders

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Product Description

KAYSUL offers Garbage Transfer Station Hydraulic Cylinders. Professional manufacturer supplier of Hydraulic Cylinders with ISO9001:2009, SGS, TS16949, RoHS, CNAS Certification.



High-quality raw materials: Fine material selection, reliable quality durable

Professional surface treatment: Using advanced baking paint process, Better appearance quality, the coating is more resistant to corrosion and abrasion.

Precision installation: Various installation forms, precise installation, no oversight, more at ease

Program before Delivery

Trial Operation Test → Start-up Pressure Test → Pressure-Tight Test → Leak Test → Full Stroke Test → Buffer Test → Testing the Effect of Limit → Load Efficiency Test→Reliability Test

Customer build hydraulic cylinders is the first principle for KAYSUL

We can provide custom made hydraulic cylinder service. Production all kinds of Sanitation Vehicles Hydraulic Cylinders. We can design Garbage Transfer Station Hydraulic Cylinders. For what you want if you can provide us the following technical parameters:

1). Bore Diameter;

2). Piston Diameter;

3). Stroke;

4). Working pressure;

5). Installation Distance.

6). Lift capacity/Push or Pull force request

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